A KONCEPT.LIVE wedding is a seamless, nonstop flow of energy and crowd stimulating vibes, taking you on a musical journey that will mark in your minds, the epic beginning of the yet to come incredible journey of a lifetime together.

Our Live Bands and DJs move in perfect sync to provide a complimentary and versatile repertoire of live performance. KONCPET.LIVE performers know how to read and adapt to the crowd, and work with the desires of the couple, the requests of the guests, and the spontaneous fun amongst families and friends.

A wedding event that is KONCEPT.LIVE, will not only loosen everyone up and get the party started, but will guide everyone to subconscious ever lasting memories like… “that wedding was amazing!”, “ I had the time of my life!” and more!… without even realizing, it was because that event was KONCEPT.LIVE.


Ask us about taking home the complete soundtrack to the epic and most memorable motion picture… Your Wedding.

Listen and Relish in the memories, alone, together or with friends and family. Your own soundtrack is the perfect keepsake for your special day.

Shall we let the world know what an amazing wedding you had? We can post your soundtrack to the KONCEPT.LIVE YouTube channel, for easy listening by you, your family and friends and just about anyone else interested in jamming to the vibe of your blast of a special day.