KONCEPT.LIVE Corporate events match the professionalism required at such functions, while simultaneously injecting just the right amount of fun, and promoting positive energy and camaraderie amongst colleagues, clients and guests.

Our live bands and DJs move in perfect sync to provide a complimentary and versatile repertoire of live performance integrated into our DJ’s mastery of musical genres. KONCEPT.LIVE performers know how to read and adapt to the crowd, work with the desires of the organizers and the spontaneous requests of the attendees. Whether it be a celebratory time of the year, a teambuilding event, or a promotional campaign, KONCEPT.LIVE will do its part in ensuring the mission and purpose of the event.

Imagine that! Your corporate event was so cool!

People are listening and reminiscing to the soundtrack, again and again. Ask us about our event soundtrack service. We can provide you with the soundtrack of our performance to post on your YouTube channel, or we can post it on the KONCEPT.LIVE YouTube channel, for easily accessible listening. Let the legacy live on!